The Parallel Relationship of Tetris and Obstacle in Life

Life is like a box of chocolate, you’ll never know what you’ll get. This phrase has been so popular and has been the standard definition of what life is really all about. There is truth in it, humor and sweetness which in reality are ever present in the lives of everybody. We experience happiness, satisfaction downfall and elation. However, there are other people who have uniquely compared life to a Tetris game. It’s quite funny to think about it but somehow it has some relevance. In life we have some obstacle just like in the game and we to fix those obstacle in order to gain more experience and move to another level or grow to a better person.

The river of life is continuously flow whatever the obstacle that blocks its path, it will flow over it or move it out of its way. Tetris is not much like the river of life, but there are obstacles to be tackled by a player and he needs to move these obstacle or pieces of blocks in order to overcome them and make a perfect set of blocks. The Tetris game features blocks that are falling in random shapes and it up to the players to configure these blocks to conform to his plans. In life, we face changes and challenges that might overwhelm us, so we must be able to prepare ourselves for whatever it is to come and adjust to it accordingly. Remember that you will constantly face troubles in life, it is imperative that you should be able to have enough time to react to it in a proper way. In the game, the blocks are falling in mid air, this will give you enough time to rotate them in positions that will confirm to what you have constructed at the bottom of the screen enabling you to score.

Furthermore, you should pay attention to everything. These changes come in ever so quickly so we have to be on our guard all the time. In Tetris, you have to be fully aware of the spaces, rows of blocks, shapes of the blocks and especially its speed. Being able to react swiftly and accordingly will be a big factor to be successful in the game. Life is the same thing. Circumstances come in variation of severity and magnitude and you have to be able to focus your attention of these things in order to overcome them.