Tetris a Solution for Lazy Eye

Did you know that playing Tetris can improve lazy eye? Lazy eye is a condition that originates from birth which new born experience. It is believed that the brain is unable to sufficiently supply the necessary stimulation and enzymes that both eyes needs, this is the reason why one of the eyes will look like its half asleep thus the reference lazy eye was created. However, a recent study conducted at McGill University stated that Tetris is one of the possibilities to correct such eye condition. So if you’re one of these individuals who suffer from a lazy eye condition, why not try this fun and exciting solution to correct your eye problem.

What are the possibilities?

According to the study performed, by efficiently sending visual stimulants to both eyes at the same time, it will gradually improve the ability of the eyes to significantly function together. The scientific findings also suggest that, playing the game Tetris provides the right stimulus that is likely to yield a more positive result. It is believed that the visual stimulation from playing Tetris retrains the affected eye making it able to adapt correctly thus resolving the lazy eye condition. This study was in relation the brains plasticity. Plasticity means the ability of the brain to adapt or change different aspects of the human body. On this particular situation, it’s the capacity of the brain to effect change in the physical aspect of the human body.

Furthermore, the rapid movement of the brains neural cells increases along with the sessions of playing Tetris. This phenomenon also stimulates the brain center which is responsible for visual function, sending information to the brain to adapt to the current stimulus which is the Tetris and gradually use the lazy eye more effectively. As sessions of playing Tetris increases overtime, it is believed that the lazy eye problem will be corrected and it will adjust and gain its state of normalcy.

With these facts which are supported by scientific studies, people who have lazy eye condition are given hope to have a normal set of visual instruments which is essential for life and the self esteem of an individual thus increasing their confidence in themselves.