Personal Flexibility Improved in Playing Tetris

The ability of the person to adjust to its environment is very essential in his own survival. It is crucial that a person is able to adapt to the constant changes in life so he will be able to be an effective part of the community. The flexibility of the person is measured by his ability to handle different situations or circumstances in a positive way that life might or will throw at him. However, there are individuals who do not have the capacity to adapt or be flexible in uncomfortable situation that they might be experiencing.

Real Life Application

It is believed that playing the Tetris Game will enhance the person’s ability to adapt to unexpected situations that goes their way. The whole concept of the game is base on the idea of conformity. You are given blocks of random shapes falling from the top of the screen and you have the ability to rotate them and perfectly arrange them at the bottom of the screen. This concept in real life in called flexibility; it also is synonym with the word adaptability where a person when confronted with new situation is able to react accordingly to it and able to resolve the situation with grace and proficiency.

As you noticed with the game, as you move to another level, the speed of the falling blocks is a lot faster than the previous levels or, on other versions, the speed gradually increases when you play the game at extended minutes. This kind of concept is also inspired from reality. The challenges that comes our way begins at a slower pace and then progress to a higher level of speed up till were running a 120 K/hr. The point is that, were constantly facing problems and the quickness in addressing these problems is really up to us and when we speed it up, we would be able to resolved each problems and be ready to tackle yet another problem.

Now, if you think that you’re just a no good somebody then don’t be so down and try to apply this concept in your own life. It did some good to others for sure it will be a great chance for you to change your predicament.