Classic Tetris on your Handheld Device

The Tetris game has been published in different versions and we’ve enjoyed them primarily in the games portable battery operated version. Having that portable console with very simple graphics was a sensation and had become a status symbol during that era. It was even addictive to others; they can’t stop playing the game till the wee hours of the night. Well, who can blame them? No one right, because everybody is guilty as well.  Unfortunately, those portable game consoles are nowhere to be found now and already obsolete by this time. We cannot ever bring back those good old day where we just sit and relax and play our portable Tetris game.

Bringing it back

Currently, there has been some revival of the old version of Tetris and this time, it’s here to stay for good. Application developers have modified the old version off Tetris and made some advance program in it so that it will be compatible for both the android and IOS platforms. These developments will be able to catapult Tetris to its previous status and regain its popularity and people who have been a fan of it will be able to play it again. Who wouldn’t be happy with that? The old fun and exciting game which captured our hearts in the past decade is back not haunt us but to bestow to us the lost excitement we once have for the game.

Surprisingly, this has been already made possible for there have been some versions of Tetris already available in the app store for both platforms. These versions are already being enjoyed by the young generations now a days and their having the time of their life playing it. But for those who are willing to spend a little time in anticipation of the old version then your wait will not be in vain. In just a little more time the old version of Tetris compatible for your iPhone and android phones will be available for download in the app store then you will have the excitement that you have been looking for.