Tetris Game

Overtime, the computer video games have taken some innovative steps to make these games more complicated and challenging and often times the new version is better than the old one. However, there are a lot of games that gained their popularity through the simple gameplay that these games have. Although they have an uncomplicated gameplay, still these games are able to present an imposing challenge to the players.

Simple Tetris for example, a game that is programmed to be understood and played easily. The game starts with a blank screen and the system will start to generate various forms of blocks that the player will manipulate in order to create an organized arrangement of the blocks.

The player will win the game if he is able to form a perfect horizontal alignment of the blocks without any space in between. Furthermore, if the player has the ability to organize stuff, he will be able to stack a perfect arrangement of the blocks,then he will be able to gain a much higher score.

The Tetris game is also designed to have multiple levels. Each of these levels has a certain speed, so as the player progresses from one level to another, his quick reflexes will be tested. The game is able to be played in a multiplayer mode for the enjoyment of the family or friends. There are other versions of the game that are able to give fun and excitement to all.

Although the Tetris game design is not as complicated as the games that we have now, it couldn’t be denied that it gives a lot of challenges to the players of the game. It is never a dull game to play with as other have claimed it to be. Maybe they are just unable to beat the game really, that’s why they have those kinds of comments.